To my little spot on the net. My name is Paul Hillstrand and I'm a visual artist. Im currently living in California and looking for studio, or freelance work in anything creative. I was raised in Homer, Alaska and my family is on the show Deadliest Catch

I'm passionate about art, design, and development. I easily draw, paint and work on personal projects for 8 hours a day. I started out in the tattoo industry, moved onto painting and illustration, and then tried my hand at web applications and development.

Thank you for visiting my website
-Paul Hillstrand

What's new

whats new graphic for the right side, sweet!

Site Redesign:

Completely redid my website, added a more "contemporary" look to it. Galleries have been updated, pretty much updates across the board. Check out the new and improved galleries, and I hope you like the new changes!