Paintings, storyboards, and art


Games,Web Development and Design, and software

Away Mission

Sci-Fi Platformer

Learning Management Systems

Learning software

Wordpress and CMS Systems

Wordpress,joomla, and cms systems.

Web Design and Development

Responsive HTML5, CSS and bootstrap

Animation and Editing

Video editing, skits, animation

Bounty Queen (WIP)

Upcoming game


Welcome to my little spot on the net. My name is Paul Hillstrand and I'm a visual artist. Im currently living in California and looking for studio, or freelance work in anything creative. I was raised in Homer, Alaska.

I'm passionate about art, design, and development. I easily draw, paint and work on personal projects for 8 hours a day. I started out in the tattoo industry, moved onto painting and illustration, and then tried my hand at web applications and development.

Thank you for visiting my website -Paul Hillstrand